Naledi and Nkorho Cams are down. We are working on solutions.


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This is all, all of it, new. The forum is new and now the drive cam and another WH. It will shake down after a little time. We are confused ourselves, let alone anyone reading the forum but now participating. I think it just needs time.

The other thing is......can you orgainze chat? Isn't the nature of chat to drift from topic to topic? Do you try to orgainze The Campfire? We can't really converse if we're jumping around on 3 different forums. We'll never be on the same page at the same time and it will have to break into groups for each forum in order to be orgainzed. People don't function that way, I don't think. JMO.

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And then there is the Campfire forum where all good natured and G-rated chat is welcome, and there is the daily Chat thread where nothing is deleted or moved unless it is rude, crude, political or religious--content against the rules of BOMA.

And please don't let this post of mine start another stream of criticisms of the posts from those who post regularlary in the Campfire. It's just an FYI about where Boma General Chat has always been located. Everyone is welcome in the Campfire.

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Grannycat wrote:
The other thing is......can you orgainze chat?

We have organized a place for you to chat.

If you enter the waterhole forum through this link

... you will see all the topics at once. That way you can navigate the forum and click on the topic you wish to go to.

These are the daily topics

NKORHO WATERHOLE CHAT - Wednesday May 2 2007

WildEarth's Djuma Vid cam - Wed 2 May discussion/sightings
Nkorho Sightings/discussion - Wed 2 May 2007


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