Tembe cam has limited to no control of the cam at times. Nkorho cam is down. We are working on a solution. Thank you for your patience


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First thing, I do love this site but since the upgrades I have noticed alot of people getting booted out of live chat numerous times a day. As for myself I get booted out and it freezes my IE after being in it for about an hour. Could you please look into this as it is getting very frustrating. This has only happened since the upgrades. I have never had a problem before the upgrades. I hope you can find a fix for this.

You might want to add a topic for chat problems also.

Love your site but hate the boots out of chat.




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altobudd wrote:

I'v been trying to view Nkoro Pan and there is no picture.  Is there a problem with the cameras?


yes you can check the cam status thread here or the daily created boma chat thread and see if it has been reported that the cams have a problem.  They just came back up.


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I'v been trying to view Nkoro Pan and there is no picture.  Is there a problem with the cameras?


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Hi Janniry,

Yes, I noticed you were struggling in the chatroom, very frustrating I'm sure. It is a Ustream issue, not Africam. They have done some recent upgrades and unfortunately everytime they do that it seems it's days before things settle down.  One of the regulars in the chatroom has made contact with Ustream and voiced our concerns. We'll check on that again today. I'm sorry you're having such difficulties. We'll continue to contact Ustream and push for a quick fix. Please keep me posted, and thanks for your patience.  We'll get it straightened out asap.

Have a great day.

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