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checking of cars

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checking of cars

Again - should I tell it all here?  We often enter the park - approx 3 times a week - and now noticing something strange going on.  this week on being in the office and doing the paperwork to enter the park I took note of 2 vehicles in front of us paying the entry fee of R45 per person @ 4.15pm.  As we got to the boom to enter we noticed that the 2 cars in front of us is let through - our turn we were asked to open our boot of the car and check it - have been done the last couple of weeks - no problem with this but the 2 vehicles in front of us was just waved through with a curtsy.....when enquiring this from the attendant at the boom he informed me that it is ok as they are staff (paying staff??????) what is going on in front of our eyes.....when i tried to report this all the focus was placed on me beign racialistic as the 2 cars were africans and me being a white one is questioning this - are we busy loosing our park.......