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Cheetah Cub Update: The Latest News From Salome's Cubsters

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Cheetah Cub Update: The Latest News From Salome's Cubsters

Salome's 3 cheetah cubs better known as The Cubsters are moving up in the world and through the breeding program at the Hoedspruit Endangered Species Centre. Their initial time with their mother is over and they have moved into the nursery area with all the other cubs. This is so they can get special attention and supervision by the staff at HESC. If they were still with Salome at this point there is a chance they wouldn't get the nutrition they need and could become malnourished.

Plans are in the works to start broadcasting the cheetahs LIVE on africam once again. We don't have a definite timeline as of yet, but watch the site for updates as it could be relatively soon.

The big news is that the HESC staff have determined the sex of the cubs. It turns out that Salome had three boys. So congrats to her, and good luck to them as they continue to move through the program at HESC. Their hopeful release into the wild is still far away, but everyone is hoping it will happen. Just a few weeks ago another cheetah was released from HESC, they are doing wonderful work for the species and we wish them the best of luck in their continued efforts!

You can read more about all the new cubs at HESC in their official blog HERE