Tembe, Naledi and Nkorho Cams are down. We are working on solutions.

Cheetah drinking and resting

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Cheetah drinking and resting

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Thank you NK Zoomie!!

This guy/gal never seemed to get upset, just rested and rolled while being observed by several landies and all of us!! Great sighting!!

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Wonderful sighting .Thank

Wonderful sighting .Thank you. Surely this glorious cat is a female ? And looking out  and ready for a mate . That intermittent rolling and sprawling is  a sure sign. .......Watch this space.........!

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Thank you, Morris - I didn't

Thank you, Morris - I didn't see the cheetah at the waterhole so have now been able to catch up on what I missed :)  It was a wonderful sighting.

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One of the best sightings

One of the best sightings ever at NK. Thanks!


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Thank you Morris, it seems

Thank you Morris, it seems that i have missed nothing since i leaved, unfortunately, we will never know what happened after when the cams went down

Good Job!

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Great video Morris !This

Great video Morris !

This cheetah sure beated the record of "the longest cheetah sighting ever on Africam" I think Smiling


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