Christmas dinner !!!! What do you eat ?

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Christmas dinner !!!! What do you eat ?

Christmas dinner at my home this year


It is called  -   Courmetten

everybody has his own pan and makes his

own  meal while sitting around the tabel

You can use  everything you like to  bake.

so for vegatarians  and meat eaters


I  use several kinds of meat . Not too large  pieces.

chicken -little meatballs - ect.


Cheese - onion - paprika - little tomatos - little patato

slices - mushrooms - cucumber  slices and everything  I like,

All kind of sauces!!!!


I make a cold  salmon  salad

There is  stokbrood !!!!!!!

And  drinking wine.

Afterwards  ice cream !!!

And when the dishes is  done   coffee time



Iceage (not verified)
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Water and bread !



No i am joking Wink

I have to work 3 nightshifts, and at work we do get a real good meal.

Mostly its delivered by a fine restaurant. (They bring it in special fridges).

I will take a picture this night and post it in this topic.

Also at work because we get free meals , we also donate money for a good purpose. ( this year it was for Malaria victims)  ( @Hanneke have you seen the glas/mirror house in Groningen ? )

@ Hanneke. Nice topic! i love gourmetten, en fondueén. Keeps you busy while eating.




Mary From NY (not verified)
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we are having spinch lasagna, salad and garlic bread with concord grape pie for dessert! Its my hubbys birthday and he picked the menu~ Merry Christmas all Africam viewers!!!

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We have influences both from Sweden and Russia considering food.

On Christmas eve dinner we´ll start with different kind of fish like herring in different kind of sauces, raw salted salmon, my husband smokes trout and three kind of roes. Then we move to ham( I don´t eat red meat), carrot-,mashed potato- and rutabaga casserole. As a dessert we have cranberry soup with whipped cream. As drink we have sparkling wine and other wines and later coffee and cognac. Our son in law takes care always of drinks and he travels a lot so he always has some surprise with drinks. On Christmas Day we have partly the same menu, this time we have crawfish cake as a starter and as a dessert typical American pumpkin pie. On Chr. eve we get an original Santa Claus as a visitor. We sing for him and he gives gifts to us. This happens still because of our grand children. I have to go to the kitchen to continue of preparing the menu...

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we  shall be   10 at the supper table

one 24 pound turkey

-we take loves of bread and break into 1/2 size

bacon chunks( one pound and the bacon grease -

grinde up celery- onions- whole apples (2) -eggs-(2)

milk-to make it moist -salt pepper and poutrly seasoning

its all put in a large bowel - and mixed together

then its all stuffed inside the turkey and cooked

then turkey is cooked  8 hours roughly


we will have  whipped potatoes -sweet potatoe caserol

carrots-turnips -brussel sprouts -gravy -cranberry sauce

assorted pickels -two kind of olives

dessert will be -  ??   from daughter in law

pop  coke  for kids or adults

some kind of cheap wine ( medium sweet)

and then eat turkey sandwiches   for days and days  lol

okidoki ??

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Mmmmmmmmmmm, you all have made me hungry, I'll be with family for Chriatmas, weather permitting, and wil;l be eating VERY well, lol!


HI everyone!Cool

Gerda (not verified)
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I'll be working on Chrismas eve, so I'll be  going in the hotel kitchen  tasting a bit of everything that's being prepared for the guests lol

and on christmas day we are having the same as you Hanneke ! Gourmet Smiling mmmmmmmmmmmm





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Roast turkey, cornbread dressing, gravy, ham, broccoli rice casserole, potato salad, green bean casserole, English pea salad, green salad, canned cranberry sauce. (I've tried many recipes of homemade cranberry sauce and have never found one to compete with the can, lol.) To help stuff all of the above into our mouths...dinner rolls.

Pecan pies, banana pudding, mincemeat pie, mandarin orange salad, chocolate chip cookies (my sister ALMOST burns a batch, just for me).

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Turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy, cranberry sauce, peas, corn, rolls, pies, cookies and cakes for dessert.....pretty much a repeat of Thanksgiving....all of yours sound sooo good Smiling



clairemac (not verified)
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Mine is very similar to Penny's, though we have a seafood starter, this year it's a concoction of crab, prawns, smoked salmon & smoked mackerel! And then the traditional roast turkey and ham, with all the veg, plus my favourite, pigs in blankets Smiling and then Christmas pud and brandy cream for those who like it (not me) and this year the alternative pud is vanilla ice cream with hot choc sauce, with crushed merangue, fresh raspberries and crumbled bits of ferrero rocher choccies! Plus plenty of wine, fizz & snowballs Smiling

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That sounds great Hanneke!

We are having traditional roast turkey, ham, stuffing balls, chipolatas with bacon and lots of different vegetables - roast potatoes, parsnips, red cabbage, carrots, peas and brussels sprouts which I do in a light cheese sauce. I also make bread sauce and cranberry sauce and we finish off with Christmas pudding with custard or cream and a Pavlova (meringue). I will also do a cheese platter.

Edit to add - seeing Claire's menu, we usually have starters but the whole family have said that this year we will give it a miss because it's too much!!  I also forgot to add bubbly, wine and soft drinks for those who want them!

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