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christmas supper in your country

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christmas supper in your country

our traditional christmas supper

we have the kids and grandkids for supper

18-20 pound turkey

(stuffing - bread- cooked bacon- apple juice

celery- onions- eggs-salt- pepper-poltery seasoning

and milk    all mixed together and stuffed in the bird)

turkey is cooked acording to its weight

mashed potaotoe-  sweet potatoe caserol - carrots

brussles sprouts - cranberry  jelly in a can

pickles - sweet and sour - olives green and black

mince meat pie with ice cream

a vegy platter- with a dip - for when ever

christmas party  cracker- you pull apart

with a hat and a prize in side-  we have

two wines- one medium sweet- one dry

and the ravens get the left overs 5 days latter lol