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With the ongoing discussion about whether it is a good idea or a bad idea to have EP and NK combined threads and the issue of clutter.....I think we would have a better picture of clutter situation if the "pinned" threads were pruned first. The current list of pinned threads and my reccomendations...

1. Elephant Plains Sentry Reports - Tuesday 4 December 2007....should be allowed to drop away. The event is over now, so need for a pin.

2. New streaming camera's coming soon....since EP is now need to announce it is coming. Let it drop...

3. Watering Hole Q&A....keep it pinned. Serves a purpose....

4. Nkorho Streaming Cam - OPERATING STATUS...never has been used that I can see. Let it drop....

5. Elephant Catalog.....needs to be in the database forum, not the waterhole.

6. Postings from Karin * Nkorho Lodge....used rarely and can always be revived when needed, but I know folks like it pinned. Toss a coin on this one....

7. Posting Topics about other streaming cameras...probably can be dropped. I think everyone pretty much knows the policy and those who are new, will be quickly informed by others should they transgress.

8. Please read here before you post....let it drop. The same information is provided daily in the "bumped" two threads posting. Besides...information is out-dated now....

9. The Nkorho Team & Sounds of Nkorho...needs to be moved to the database forum.

As you can see...the pinned list can be easily whittled down to two or three threads....allowing lots of room for additional threads for EP.

Also...I believe Pete's Pond stands down in a couple weeks...more room there. Even if Africam decides to maintain an EP/NK combined thread format....the pinned threads still need pruned.

PS....see my suggestion for color-coding in the suggestions forum from some days ago. Would be a huge improvement in navigation.

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Just one suggestion... Before implementing any major changes, please poll your viewers. Though some suggestions may seem great for some folks, they might not work for other members. Thanks!

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My suggestion, and I've posted this before, is to have one thread for NK, one for EP, one for Djuma and one for PP.  No seperate threads for chat, etc. except for The Campfire, of course. I have done most of my posting on the Djuma board since it's inception and the combination of chat and sightings doesn't take away from the experience at all. We all manage to chat in between the sightings and it's just not a big deal to scroll through some chit-chat if you wanna see what kind of bird that was. What I DO have trouble with is combining two locations into one thread.

Case in point.

Yesterday, at about 1am CAT, a lion was roaring at NK. He (we assumed it was a male)was very close to the mike and quite loud. People were excited and the posts started rolling in. Thing is, in the excitement, people forgot to mention whether they were hearing the lion at NK or at EP. I had a time trying to figure out which link to click on, and had to go back and forth between both cams with the milk ad and the intro before finally figuring out it was at NK.( I don't keep all the cam's going at the same time because it slows my work computer down.) Maybe eventually we can all "train" ourselves to specify which location, NK or EP we are seeing something at, but to me it just seems easier to keep them apart, knowing how it seems to work just fine on the Djuma board.

That said, I can't say how much I appeciate the mods and the hard work you guys put into this while you do have other lives, jobs, etc. So THANK YOU!!

Soapbox dismount! Eye-wink



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Since we have you trapped in this thread.... Eye-wink

I just want to explain a couple things. I speak only for myself, but I am sure others likely feel the same way. The forum and the cams are inexorably linked. The cams are OK....the forums are OK....but put them both together and you have an entire awesome experience. If I couldn't share the experience of seeing these animals with others...I simply wouldn't watch much. It's as much a human social event as it is an animal-nature event. You could have the best cam the world has ever seen...but I am willing to bet that people would lose interest if they didn't have a good place to share the experience with their human friends. To this end...the smooth operation of the forum is just as important as smooth operation of the cams...and why I (and others) spout off as much as we do about how it works. It's THAT important....believe me. And also something very special....which we all thank you for (spoke for everyone there Eye-wink )

If your intent is to see if there is enough interest for seperate forums for other cams...I would want to disuade you on that. Although I support seperate threads for each cam...seperate forums would just split people into camps. Even if people have different cam interests, keeping them in the same forum means they will bump into each other and the social aspect can continue. Go into seperate forums...and you may end up creating isolation. There is a golden rule for planning a party. Always invite more people than you have seating for. This forces people to move about and socialize...rather than getting comfortable and just sitting there. There other part of the rule is always invite more women than men...that doesn't apply in this case. Eye-wink

The forum is in need of some tinkering and some attention, but not an overhaul.

This is just my opinion...but I think everyone here now knows by now, that my opinion is always made public because I have a big mouth...LOL Laughing out loud

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I am hoping to not sound repetitive here, but it's probably going to happen, lol.

I don't feel at all like I'm part of any sub-group here. Though, intuitively, I've sensed that others have that impression of me.  I tend to avoid the less friendly and/or crankier folks. Fortunately, they are far and few between.

I come here out of love for wildlife.  I value sharing sightings, observations, interpretation, and, the endlessly interesting questions and answers from others here.  I will talk to virtually (no pun intended) anyone who happens to be sharing the BOMA Board at the same times I'm here.

NK is my first love. I've spent many hours at the NK watering hole for a very long time now.  Well before I knew this board existed. It has always been, and will continue to be, my #1 preferred screen.  After NK, I would say Djuma, when I have the time to struggle to get on there and time for the drive, which is not often.  EP will likely become my second favorite next to NK. I am having a bit of trouble getting used to it due to the buffering and shaky picture, but, I have great faith in its future. PP is a very occasional site for me. I generally only go there when NK is down. There is something about the ambient sound of PP that annoys me. Go figure?

I read ALL the threads in the Watering Hole forum because I am always interested to hear reports and stay updated on the impressive amount of knowledge that so many here have to offer.

I hope this helps. I have grown fond of the NK crew, the moderators here, and all the BOMA Boarder's who share this special gift of a place where we can view our favorite critters. Being able to watch and communicate with others around the world in a place we love, is something I am deeply grateful for. Thank you for this.

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The "user groups" thing has got me to thinking.  I think we're all basically one group here, with possibly two subgroups.  We are all here because of our interest in, love for and awe of NATURE.  Those are the things that bond us all together.  The two possible subgroupings are those of us who tend to be a bit more social in that we want to get to know each other better, want to hear about what each other is doing when we're not glued to our monitors etc, and those who would prefer to restrict the dialog on the thread to strictly what we see at the waterhole.  In some cases the latter is plain old personal preference, and in some it's a matter of necessity - either equipment limitatations (slow feed) or time limitations (not having time to read through all the chit chat)  Some nights I come home and read for 2 hours, and it's nothing but chit chat!   For me that's OK - I enjoy it, I'm interested.  These are my friends who are chatting and I'm interested in what they have to say.  Not everyone feels that way and I understand completely.

Sag mentioned another possible subgroup - those interested in making sure the kids inherit this good stuff from us.  If that became all that Africam was about, I guess I'd have a problem with it, but I don't think that's likely to happen, and frankly it's a really great thing for us to be promoting while we're having fun doing OUR thing.

I think a structure with much the same rules as we have been operating under for quite some time can work just fine, well into the future.  We all need to be considerate of the other person and accept that he/she is different from us.  I honestly believe we are all friends here.

In closing, I'd like to say that we all slip up from time to time, and if one of us chatty folks accidently forgets and asks Suzie if she's feeling better today on the discussion thread, I hope we'll be forgiven, as long as the question doesn't result in a 3 page dissertation of Suzie's entire medical history.  LOL

Happy camming, my friends. - Admin (whoever you are) I hope we've helped and made your life simpler, not more complicated.



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I think if there are any "groups" as you are asking about it has more to do with the different times we are able to chat....half the world is awake and chatting while I'm sleeping and visa versa....I enjoy talking to all learning about the critters, different cultural things and the way people see the world....this is a great experience for me.

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Now I have a question for you...if there were a group of individuals like you have described as a user group that prefer talking with each other, what would you do for them?

I really hadn't noticed any group that fits that description so far.  At least to me, it appears that everyone is welcomed as long as they are friendly, not pushy, not condensending and are interested in primarily talking and learning about Africa and the animals.   

Lately though it seems to me that there is a struggle to make Africam more kid friendly (more things in the name of the kids)  and catering more toward the Kid in the Nest.  KITN I'm sure is a admirable effort and Africam should be proud to accommodate them.  But  that is not what I would be interested in and if that is the future, then I would be interested in a off shoot user group.

I hope this helps.

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Thanks for your coments

Really what I'm asking is, is there different groups of people who prefer to talking to each other rather then everyone else? I call this a user group? and are we looking after all these groups? 

Easy now! I don't want a flood of comments really looking at how to alow these groups to grow there own territory  if they exsist?


Africam Admin

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I post in the EP/NK cam sighting thread and the Djuma cam discussion thread mostly....only occasionally on any of the other threads...but I do read them all.

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Africam wrote:

Thanks for the comments, mostly constructive. I do feel that it is easy to make suggestions that do seem logical but I can garantee you from my experience no matter how logical, practical these suggestions might seems there are always other members that will be put out - we don't just act on suggestions alot of time and thought goes into changes.

But this is a question for the members:

Are the people using PP and the Djuma topics different from the people using NK and EP topics?

And are there different people using PP as apposed to Djuma?

I'm trying to establish how many different user groups we have on a regular basis?

First of all, when I talk to Africam admin, I'm wondering who I'm talking to.  Is it Campbell?  Just curious, since there has been a lot of speaking for Campbell of late that not all of us are sure represents his words/thoughts.

As to the question re: are the people using PP and Djuma the same ones who use NK and EP.  I think fundamentally they are the same people, looking for more information.  There were some hard times this past summer and fall when we were all plagued by problems with the NK feed, outages, buffering, terrible sound, etc. etc. and I'd guess a lot of folks (myself included) migrated over to the Djuma site, which coincidentally at the same time was having a run of somewhat better reliability.

PLUS, there is a GREAT attraction to the game drives, always has been, always will be.  If the critters don't come to us, we go to the critters!   And we all hope to someday be able to experience the same thing here on our "home" site.

Pete's Pond is, as we all know, seasonal, but the main attraction there is the incredible photography and 24 hour color lighting.  (Courtesy of the National Geographics BUDGET for such things, of course, which Campbell and Africam do not have, and are not likely to have in the near future.  Plus the opportunity to see species which we don't have in S. Africa is a bonus.

I would say concentrate on Nk and EP.  Make them as good and as accessable and as user friendly as you can.  You have a huge fan base sitting, waiting for the other shoe to drop.

Personally I like having the chat threads for each site.  It's nice to have a place where, when things are slow, you can inquire about someone's kids or other interests without getting reprimanded, or getting a nastygram from one of the mods.  Speaking of which, most of the mods are GREAT, but a small number of them could benefit from some sensitivity training.

Thanks for listening.



View my blog, documenting our trip to Kruger National Park and Nkorho Bush Lodge in August, 2010, HERE. Member of the All Critters, Large And Small (Except Olive Toads) Fan Club.

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