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Contemplating the Reason

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Contemplating the Reason

Leaning up against the tree, the male baboon sighed as he watched his family and other troupe members in the field. Reflecting back on the past, his mind wandered to the question he would never have an answer for... “Why?”

He looked down at his hands... they were strong hands, capable of anything any other adult baboon could do.  Yet there he sat, under the tree...almost a misfit among his group.  His thoughts drifted back to the past, and the many times he had strutted across the grass covered field with pride and honor, sure that someday he would be the alpha male of the group. 

The lone baboon let his eyes close and memories of the younger males that had belittled him flooded his brain.  The smallest of them was the strongest in spirit, leading the others into threatening motions and charges. At one time four younger baboons ganged up on him and almost pushed him out of the group. 
Rolling a stone between his fingers, his thoughts bogged him down in doubt and wonder. He was bigger than the ever threatening nemesis, but the little one would not back down and kept other males influenced by his threats close by as if to reinforce his intentions. The charges continued, the threatening voices echoing across the field and around the water hole.

The constant barrage of threats wore the baboon down...leaving him feeling inadequate and empty.  He wondered why the others had chosen to disgrace him, what was wrong with him to deserve being singled out.  As he sat under the tree, he tried to guess what the next day would bring, when the next threats would be heard across the field as the others chased him. His heart raced but his body couldn’t find the strength to get up and face them yet again.  So he just sat...and thought.

He glanced up at the sky, the clouds slowly moving against the crystal blue, the new leaves on the trees gently blowing in the breeze...and asked... “Why?” But he knew he’d never have the answer, never understand the fate he seemed to have been dealt. The little bully will no doubt be the alpha male someday, if not in this troupe, then one of his own. And where will that leave our misfit under the tree? Only time will tell...   http://www.africam.com/wildlife/astoryababoon


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Great story RT very

Great story RT very wonderfully thought out. loved it thanks for sharing..

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