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continues buffering....

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continues buffering....

Hi...I am new to Africam. Being South African and now living in Northern Italy,you can imagine my joy when I discovered Africam...the last 10days I am having continues buffering..and was wondering if it was on my side...and does anyone else have this problem....It is very upsetting when animals are there and the screen is frozen..


satwajac (not verified)
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i am having problems with buffering i also use internet explorer windows xp is that the reason it does it? It comes and goes then freezes.

Alexa (not verified)
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Hi ... I live in Germany and i have also the same Problem. I have the bufferings since End of August (i think). Bevor this time we see Africam about 1 Year without any Problems. I see Africam with my Internet Explorer (Windows XP). We are so sad... :-(  ;-( 

We missed the cam.. Can anyone help us... 

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Hello Rita ...I watch from northern Greece ...A couple of days I had bufferings too...The rest days cam is running rather well but it freezes from time to time for few seconds ...

It happens to me also from time to time to have buffering problems only me and none else at Boma ...while other cams from Africa run well at same time ...and my connection speed is rather fast.

I couldn't find until now the reason of this. ..But it is interesting to know that someone else in the south Europe has such problems ...

You can still try to clean everything in your computer ...with small posibility to work everything well again ...Otherwise you can have a contact with Admin.


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