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Copyright warning.

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Copyright warning.


i would like to set up more quizzes but moderators warned me ( good!)
before placing a picture to be sure that its not Copyright protected!

Now i have found another dutch photo maker that i wanted to use for a bird quiz.

link removed

But as you can see there is a statementfrom her which is->

I love to share my work with everyone who is interested, but PLEASE note that all my work is protected by copyright and may not be reproduced in any form without my prior written permission. My work is used in books, magazine's, etc and most of the picture's are for sale. If you are inetrested in buying ore using my picture's for a specific reason, please contact me.

So i emailed her and explained why i would like to use some of her picture's for quiz use, and i gave her the links to this forum.

Take care.

Iceage (not verified)
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An email from Yvonne vd Mey ( first message link i gave)

She knows the africam and does look at the webcam now and then but her photo's are only for sale as prints and may not be used on any forum.

So moderators its good that you warned me about possible trouble's with copyright.

Maybe a moderator can remove ore edit the link i gave in my first message. ( i can not edit it myself).

Take care


Iceage (not verified)
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I cant edit my starting message.. But i forgotten te mention something.

As far as i know all information and picture's on wikipedia are for free use. So maybe its an idea to get the quiz picture's from there.

 ( correct me if i am wrong )


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