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Correct URL to Access Nkorho Cam

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Correct URL to Access Nkorho Cam

We have noticed there are a few Africammers who are accessing the Nkorho Cam via other URL's.

Please use or from the left hand side menu, under 'Streaming Cams'.

That way ALL advertising revenue comes directly to Africam, which we use to improve & mantain services.



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Aquila (not verified)
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Thanks!! I was using the one I thought benefitted Africam and just found out I was wrong. LOL I am now using the above url. Smiling

One question, is there a way to have the popup player have video adjustments for brightness and contrast? That is one option with the regular Windows Media Player that is so helpful.

RonMexico (not verified)
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Is there any thought to creating a system where cammers pay a monthly fee to view a direct feed (to Windows Media Player for example) without the visual or recorded advertisements? I would certainly be interested in such a program.

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