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Couple Suggestions

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Couple Suggestions

Hello....just a couple suggestions concerning the board software...

1. I strongly advise that you disable HTML in the posts. This is a huge security risk. The BB codes are plenty for the avergae forum user. A user could easily embed a script using HTML that would affect everyone viewing the thread....and that person could also grab cookies and gain access to the admin control panel....or even root access.

2. Regarding the new threads being added. Two for the waterhole, one for Djuma. Most message boards aren't equipped to allow BB codes in the topic title that would allow coloring the text to make navigation easier. However...there may be a hack available at the phpBB support website that would allow for that. Color-coding those threads might make it easier for people to get around in that forum. I don't know if one exists, since I use Invisonboard....but you could look around.


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Maxx I'm sending your suggestions on to admin in case they miss it here.

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