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Cranky elephant

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Cranky elephant


Hi All


Well for those who hav'nt seen or heard about the restless elephant that visited us last night, here is the url to catch up:


Elephant camera


A possible explanation for its behaviour could be that it is a bull elephant in musth. An areas bulls have a dominance hierarchy. From the age of about 25,bulls periodically go into musth. When a bull is in musth, his testosterone levels can rise to six times the usual level, hence they can get quite cranky,often pushing trees(some with Africam cameras in them) over, charging vehicles,fighting amongst themselves to prove dominance in order to mate. In the restricted area of Addo Elephant NP musth bulls kill young males often enough to slow the growth of the population.

Musth bulls wander widely in search of oestrus females, joining female herds,checking their members and staying with cows that are close to oestrus. Their temporal glands swell and produce a sticky secretion, and they dribble urine continuously(up to 400 litres per day), staining the inside of the back legs dark green, and generating a strong sharp odour.


Never a dull moment here at Africam,hopefully everything will be up and running shortly,happy camming.


cheers for now,





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Thanks for the info Ranger

Thanks for the info Ranger Josh.

It was a very interesting incident!!

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