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Database (lions)

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Database (lions)

Last week we have had amazing sights of lions at Nkorho!

2 pride's . Video says 1 pride is chasing away another pride.

We have seen the Windmill and the Nkuhuma? Pride at Nkorho waterpool.

It was said in chat that Mvula (leopard) had to take cover in a tree? because he was hunted by lions.

Insane Bushie told in the forum That the windmill pride is now 9  lions!  ( used to be Cool!

Why is nobody updating us! why is it not possible to do a posting in the lions Database?

Why is the lions database changed into a Blog  so nobody can update?

I Got some information about the Styx and the Nkuhuma and the Windmill Lions, But settings have made it impossible for me to post that information!

Database lions now is a Blog  were its not possible to give more info while so much info is available!

Please return the original thing ! and make it possible to post Information on the Lions!







Iceage (not verified)
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The problem was on my side, i looked on another computer and on that one i could read the lions info.

On my Computer i only see white empty screens.

so i tried to find out why that was and it probably is a setting on my computer that makes it unreadable for me.

I have a second PC also here now from a friend to do a new installation and on that one it also works ok to.

My own computer runs a  lot off beta testing things so probably one of them caused the problem.. But i plan to do a fresh Windows XP installation later this week as i run far to many Beta security test programs at the moment that are conflicting with eachothers.

Its ok if a moderator deletes this topic as it is not Africam Lion database changes that are a problem but my computer.

Sorry for any unconveniance, but the lions are very important to me and i always try to get all information that i can get about them.


Iceage (not verified)
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Oops Forgot

The Styx ladies also were at NK and as i was told also 1 of the mapogo lions was with a pride seen at NK

All i seen is a message from Bushie (Thank you! ) saying the windmills were at NK , Nothing else.

But i do want to know:

Which lion pride's did we see?

Is there a Lodge who is trying to keep them lions in the area  with "shot" meat ?






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