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Derby Cathedral live peregrine cam, UK

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Derby Cathedral live peregrine cam, UK

Peregrine falcons have been using the bell tower ledges of Derby Cathedral in the city of Derby in England for many years to bring in prey and raise their young.  Local birders have put up nesting ledges for them and the cam, having been obstructed by the body of a large prey bird for a while, is now operating again.  The winter fare counted so far is of woodcock, snipe, golden plover, redwing and one blackbird (a mere appetiser!).  I hope this link will show you today's very snowy conditions, with Jury's Inn Hotel in the background.

Catching woodcock is quite an art as although its flight isn't particularly speedy, it's quite a bounding, twisty flyer, so high levels of skills are required.

The cam will be running live from now on, so that you can track pairings, matings, and chick raising through the year.