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Does anyone know?

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Does anyone know?

Hi everyone, just checked in before bed time.

I wondered if anyone knew what was making that 'Whooping' sound at NK just now 12:25 am-ish?

I shall be off soon so please leave responses & I shall catch up later on today sometime thank you Laughing

Wild Jilly P (not verified)
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Thanks Chris,
I had heard a rumour that Hyena's make that sort of noise but had not heard one before (until lastnight that Laughing
Thanks again

blueeyedlibra (not verified)
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hadd to that a lauging hyena also. Search it and you will be amazed at how they laugh. Its pretty crazy. Plenty of videos in youtube

Aquila (not verified)
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Hello, I think you were probably hearing the Spotted Hyena. We had a number of them around the water hole at about that time. They make the Whooping sound along with quite a few other mysterious sounds. Smiling You might see some folks refer to them as the "Whoopers". LOL

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