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Do I think I hear drums in the background

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Do I think I hear drums in the background

Hello everyone,

In the late evening in Africa, I sometimes think I hear drums.  Are there drums playing, or is this some kind of animal in Africa?

Thank you in advance.


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the lodges play the drum at the supper hour

and also for sing -a- longs

yes your hearing drums


kru-kab bowser b.c. wrote:

drum-04.gif picture by krukab hello  and thanks for the replies

we would like to know   - about the drums we hear

are they  for  dinner time   ?

or what    ??    and  who plays  them etc   how many drums are played

we enjoy them and the singing

thanks  barry

??? on distance      -what it distance from  nkoho cam to water edge

what is distance from cam to marula  tree with the microphones

thank you

Good day Barry

It is only one drum that is being played by Renkie ore Tokke two of our kitchen staff ladies, depends on who feels like playing it. ( like you heard Spot doesn't like the new drum she barks the hole time)

The drum sound is the best sound for me: food time!!!

The drum being played is for the guest to let them know it is Breakfast, Lunch ore Supper time.

When guest check out the night before all staff ladies get toghter and do some dances, sing

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