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Don't know how to save pics

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Don't know how to save pics

I need help on how to save pics from the streaming cams. I downloaded the MWSnap 3 software but I don't know how to use it. Is there other ways to save the pics. Thanks

Justin (not verified)
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Thanks, my overlays was checked, that was the problem and I also did not understand the other programs on MWSnap. It is working now, thanks again

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Hi, MWSnap is a simple program to use for taking snapshots of what you are seeing on the cams.  You didn't say what it was you had a question about on how to use the program so  have you read the help instructions that is built into the program?  It does have many features that I don't even use so don't have to worry myself about lol. main things that I can remember I had to learn was to use the window/menu snapshots (control + shift + W is hotkey ), on the settings have it autosave to the folder I wanted it to autosave to in jpg format, and in the settings of windows media player I had to uncheck the use overlay option in its settings.  If you have any other specific questions feel free to ask us.


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