Naledi and Nkorho Cams down. Tembe Cam has no audio. We are working on solutions.

don't have any sound

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don't have any sound

I am not getting any sound.  Can anyone help me?

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there are several ways sounds can be adjusted or turned off.  First off you have your pc sound controls ensure you haven't muted or lowered the volume of those by mistake or have a widget that can mutes the sound.  Check your pc speakers if they have volume controls turn those up and they are conntected.  If you have good sounds on things other then the cams here at Africam, be sure to have your volume up high on your pc, on the cam viewer lower left be sure the speaker icon does not have a line through it and the white dot to the right of the speaker is all the way to the right as it can go.  Keep in mind that the Tembe cam does not have any audio right now while it is in testing still and sometimes at NK or EP it just might be fairly quiet but with the volumes up max on your pc, speakers and cams you should be able to hear at least a bit of hiss or hum if no birds or insects making night noises during periods of quiet.  I don't know if it still does it but before we switched to flash players, if you had used real player media player and had the volume turned down with it then closed that, it would effect your pc volume and you would need to open real player and put the volume back up again. I hope this helps.


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