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Eaglets hatching

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Eaglets hatching

A couple nights ago I watched papa come back with a rodent of some kind while mama went for dinner, and while he was standing there eating, the eggs started to hop.  It's getting dark now but perhaps some good views early tomorrow morning . . .

Tried to post that, but didn't take.

Got up the next morning, which was evening again for you folks and at least one eaglet had hatched and was being fed.

Can't see around the corner of the rock to see exactly how many, but I think two.

Today they are all around the corner of the rock and can't see the babies at all - boo hoo!

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Hi Cybercrone and welcome to Africam.  The black eagle chick hatched overnight from the 23rd to the 24th of May.  The second egg is due to hatch any time now.

Please join us in the daily threads in the boma, where you will find many friendly people who love to chat about "our Africam" and the critters we see here.


Mavis   My Blog     I always start my Africam day at the Recent Posts Page to see what has happened since I left.    Finally - Africam Gear from the Africam Store - find it here

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