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Earth Hour: Will you take part?

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Joined: Oct 4 2006
Earth Hour: Will you take part?

March 29, 2008 between 8-9 (local times) is Earth Hour.  Will you participate? 

read more about Earth Hour HERE


wendyxx (not verified)
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  Definately turning the lights off here  and taking part

stardream02 (not verified)
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Our family will also be turning out the lights.  I live north of Toronto and if the sky is clear we will be stargazing also.


Wild Dreamer (not verified)
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I hope it is OK for me to post these links here.  I think everyday should be proclaimed Earth Day, and every little thing that we can do as individuals will have a huge impact on the Earth.  If this is not the place for these Links, please remove them.  I just feel that every opportunity to learn should be made available to everyone. 

This is a Green Guide from Nat Geo . Lots of great info about how you can help heal the Earth and yourself Smiling

Wild Dreamer (not verified)
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Just in case you didn't know, Earth Hour is supported by WWF. You can go HERE  to pledge your participation and learn more about what you can do as an individual to reduce your Carbon Footprint on the Earth and take action against Global Warming.

Wild Dreamer (not verified)
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I will certainly be taking part.  Me, who is terribly afraid of the dark, will turn off all lights tonight at 8pm !  I plan to have my lounge chair ready and as long as mother nature cooperates and gives me clear skies, I will be Star Gazing !  Bud Dog has promised me to keep sneaky 'possuums and all scary things away from me LOL.

I actually hope to participate all week during National Dark Sky Week.  So far this is a US thing, and it needs much more attention ! I have only just now found out about it.  Light Pollution is so bad in our cities over the world, It has consquences everywhere, from our own health and well being, to the health of the Enviroment and Wildlife.   I urge everyone to encourage their city planners to install outdoor lighting in a manner that shines the light where it is needed, at the ground and not to the heavens. I personally find a tall building with multi colored lights shining upwards to be one of the ugliest creations of mankind.

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Joined: Dec 24 2007

I sure will. Thanks for alerting others Sabine.

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Joined: Feb 17 2006

I will participate. Cool

It's a big thing here: Copenhagen Earth Hour 2008

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Joined: Jun 25 2007

Morning Sabine....yes we will definately be taking part.  This will be the second time for us because I mistook the date and did it last month...LOL LOL  ...Because we live in the country we can only see one of our neighbours, who of course had all their lights on...well I just figured they didnt want to do it or just hadn't heard about it.  Now I am not so sure, tonight will tell me the answer to that.


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