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Echo of the elephants

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Echo of the elephants

Hello Everybody,


I have seen a lot of documentaries what are fantastic to see.

Echo of the elephants is my favorite. A film of a hert of elephants what is followed in a 4 series documentarie. The material what is used I have never seen before in a documentary. Superb

Echo is perhaps the most famous wild elephant in the world after her appearance in various films the most memorable being her 1993 debut in the film Echo of the Elephants produced by the BBC Natural History Unit and narrated by world famous elephant researcher Cynthia Moss with BBC's Martyn Colbeck behind the camera. Echo appeared in the films sequels now popularly known as the ‘Echo Trilogy'.

a film : Walking with lions is a must see film. It is a film about a lion conservation camp that returns lions into the wild what are born in captivitie or captured some where. The movie shows us a bit about the live of Jeorge Adamson who spend his live with lions and his dream."Lwhen dealing with what some

Africa's greatest rivers is also a excelent dvd. It shows us the great rivers of Africa and al it wildlife what surrounds and depend on it. It is from the wildlife series.