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Elephant Plains

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Elephant Plains

Elephant Plains

December 4, 2007


GiGisMom (not verified)
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December 4, 2007

The following videos are a bit choppy. When trying new things some adjustments must be made. Campbell and his crew worked very hard and will continue to tweek our new cam, until everything is perfect. Here are a few videos for the people who were not able to watch "live" so they won't feel as if they missed anything.

4:56pm - 5:03pm CAT

5:03 - 5:10pm CAT

5:14 pm - 5:25pm CAT

Pitching the Tent (without directions AND without a woman to show them how.... hope it doesn't fall in tonight!! LOL) 

Fireside Chat  8:13pm - 8:25pm

Fireside Chat 8:25pm - 8:37pm CAT

Fireside Chat 8:37pm - 8:53pm CAT

Fireside chat 8:53pm - 9:12pm CAT

Fireside chat 9:12pm - 9:37pm CAT

Fireside chat 9:37pm - 10:17pm CAT

Fireside chat 10:17pm - 10:41pm CAT

Fireside Chat 10:41pm - 11:12pm CAT

Fireside Chat 11:16pm - 11:45pm CAT

Fireside Chat 11:16pm - Midnight CAT

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