Idube Cam is down. Olifants River cam is down due to damaged fiber switches. We are working on solutions.

Elephant Plains

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Elephant Plains

I keep getting a green distorted screen there. any suggestions. I'm using Windows XP.

lindan96 (not verified)
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Thanks. Sorry. My PC is slow this morning and I hit post twice.

lindan96 (not verified)
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Thanks. I was just watching and heard them on the radio. Missed some good shots. Hope it's fixed soon.
What about the elephant refresh cam? I haven't been able to see any of those this morning. Leopard, Tau, none of them.

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Hello lindan96,

It's not your PC that is the problem. Everyone is getting a green and pink distorted screen.

The Africam staff is aware of the problem and tries to fix it.

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