Elephant Plains camera

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Elephant Plains camera

The camera looks like it needs an adjustment.  Everything is fuzzy.

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Hello all, first post. I just thought I would mention that part of the EP cam's problem is, a spider keeps weaveing it's web in front of the camera. It does make for strange colors, a seemingly, moving image, and general fuzziness, that folks are noticing in this and other threads about the EP cam. The web is a bit like looking through a very thin (well, OK, an extremely thin!) curtain.

I might add, that you can't really see the web except a little bit when it has dew on it or, of course, when the spider walks across it! Smile



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how easy would it be to run down to ep camera and clean it.I am not sure how far away from people that it is located.

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Thanks for the comment Gerda.  I know it takes time to work out the kinks.  You guys do a great job with the cams.  Is Africam still planning on updating the cams this year? 

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Hi mainmama,

Welcome to the boma :-) 

yes africam is aware of the problem and they are working on improving the picture and the buffering there.

you can read more in another topic that had been started about this :

click here


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