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Elephants Argue Over Which Route To Take?

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Elephants Argue Over Which Route To Take?

It's an old story and one that we have all heard before. You're on a road trip and everyone in the car has their own opinion on the best route to take. Well, it turns out that herds of elephants seem to go through the same type of disagreements as they make their way across the savannah.

Researchers that have been studying elephant behavior for almost 40 years in Amboseli National Park in Kenya have observed herds of elephants appearing to stop their travels and then "discuss" which way to go. The research supports that they sometimes take up to an hour to decide which direction to head next. Which seems like quite a long time considering the animal's reputation of never forgetting.

This behavior and other elephant communications, such as flirting or grief, that the research uncovered are detailed in a new book called "The Amboselli Elephants". You can read more about the book and this exciting new research in the full article HERE.

[Source - Daily Mail]