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Unidentified Dog at Elephant Plains - 3 Jan 2013

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Unidentified Dog at Elephant Plains - 3 Jan 2013

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Elephant Plains Rangers

Elephant Plains Rangers posted this on their Facebook page earlier today:

Hi Barry that dog in the video is not one of ours we are very careful to make sure they are secure at all times, it is most likely to be a feral dog which wandered into the reserve,this unfortunately happens from time to time as they come from the surrounding villages in the area.


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When did you see  this

When did you see  this Barry, it could belong to the warden at the Park they use Pointers or one of shareholders. HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU and family


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elephant plains has an

elephant plains has an English Pointer  i think that is the mystery dog in this video

                            A F R I C A M    B O O K



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