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EP Water hole

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EP Water hole



The EP water hole has been dry for a while - does this happen every year and does it fill up again.  I know the NK one has a pump so it can be filled when it gets low.  Why does the EP one not have a pump?  So many questions!!  If the EP one is dry - is there another one nearby for the animals?


Thank you



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Hi Kevin and Cerinthe


Thanks for your replies - I just glad that it will be filled again soon - it's not good for the animals when they get used to water being available - and then suddenly it's gone!  Looking forward to seeing it full again soon  and the animals coming back.


I don't have much time for camming at the moment but usually drop in each morning to see what is happening - I've just been viewing the video of the leopard at NK last month - fascinating.

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I'm glad you asked that question Rosie.

I have seen a female leopard and her cubs looking for water and obviously moved on to another waterhole that is not dry.


Look forward to seing it clean and full of water again.

Enjoy your camming,



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Hi Rosie, the waterhole at EP is filled from a borehole with a pump, but now it is deliberately dried out so they can clean it. It must be dry enough to be able to clean it properly.

Somewhere this week they will start working on it and then they can fill it again.

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