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Ever Seen A Baby Giraffe Take Its First Steps? [VIDEO]

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Ever Seen A Baby Giraffe Take Its First Steps? [VIDEO]

Neither had we! An endangered female calf was born on Friday to 6 year old mother Petal who is a rare Rothschild giraffe.

Greenwich Time reported that the baby was born healthy at the LEO Zoological Center in Connecticut.  This ‘tot’ was nearly 6 feet tall at birth, and when fully grown could reach up to 18 feet tall.

Rothschild giraffes are listed as an endangered subspecies, with only an estimated 670 left in the wild, according to the  Kenyan Giraffe Research Center.

Rothschild giraffes have easily distinguishable markings - usually soft brown patches and they have no markings below their knees as if they were wearing cream colored knee socks!

The newborn took its first few wobbly steps just 30 minutes after entering the world, watch the footage below:


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<image & video via: Youtube>