"Extinct" Vulture Spotted In Kruger Park

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"Extinct" Vulture Spotted In Kruger Park

News 24 is reporting that an Egyptian Vulture, declared regionally extinct in South Africa in 2000, has been spotted in the Kruger National Park. The vulture, last sighted in 1994 in the KNP, was a juvenile who is thought to have travelled more than 2 500km from its breeding population in search of food.

The Egyptian Vulture, also called “Pharoah’s Chicken” was a symbol of royalty in ancient Egypt. If anyone killed these birds, the crime carried the death penalty!

The vulture was spotted by honorary Ranger Genie Retief who said, “This was a huge and unexpected surprise for me and for the large birding community here in South Africa. Many people drove to the KNP from hundreds of kilometres away to try and spot the vulture”.

<source: News24>

<image source: Kousik Nandy>