Naledi and Nkorho Cams down. Tembe Cam has no audio. We are working on solutions.

Firefox will work for cams with add on

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Firefox will work for cams with add on


To anyone that uses Firefox and is having problems viewing the cams just recently. There is an add on from the Firefox homepage that will convert any page to IE. 

When I use the Firefox browser, three of the buttons below the viewer do not work for me (Nk, EP,Time shift) and neither do the pop-ups from the side bar of Africam's page. There may be other Firefox users that have this problem and I hate to see Africam losing potential viewers because of this problem.

Just go to the FF homepage and add the IE page rendering add on to your tool bar. It works for me andI hope this helps others with this problem.

Have a Great Day viewing a wonderful site!


Accola (not verified)
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You need to get the IE tab it is on this page:

Hope this works for you


anonymous9239 (not verified)
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I went to Firefox homepage, and I'm pretty sure I got the right add-on, but it isn't helping.  I still can't see any of the live feeds.

I got the IE Netrenderer add-on, which is the only one that came up in the search.   

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I use firefox and do not have the IE plug in to show it like IE pages and have no problems with viewing the cams by any of the africam links.  It was my thinking that it was IE that was having the problems with the cams.  I don't know if it matters but I do use the Adblock-plus  plug in offered with firefox as a plug in.


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ideafarmer (not verified)
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I noticed the change too and was frustrated when I recently tried to view the cams.  On cold, quiet days and nights duriing  our last winter in Canada -- a particularly snowy one this year -- even just listening to the night time sounds on africam are like a mini vacation. 

While I dislike having to use IE, at least I know I can toggle to it in FF.  Cheers to the Mozilla folk for making this possible.

I am glad I checked the forum for this information.

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This was my solution too. I don't know why they changed it. I find it seems to have problems with the buffering for me sometimes though. I never had problems before the change. Someone also posted a link in another thread that uses a different player that works...maybe the old one. I dislike being forced to uses IE in any way. But I can't stop watching.

teaches02 (not verified)
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Those of us with Macs can't add this IE fix. We can no longer view Nk cam from the Africam site through the FF browser. EP is still viewable. This needs to be fixed by Africam. TIA

ETA: It also no longer works in Safari.

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