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Flam cam viewing and zooming

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Flam cam viewing and zooming

Hi there

As of now and for the next hour or so I will be zooming in with the Flam cam to try and see if any chicks are hatching and observing young chick behaviour.


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Unfortunately I don't have much time now and have to leave soon. Will post whatever I got now later.

This afternoon's pics are posted here.

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Hi Tania, I bet you are seeing the most amazing sea of pink. LOL   My cam has been frozen , but it is frozen on Pink feet and an egg that looks as tho it is about to hatch, crack at one end and what appears to be a hole at the other end from the egg tooth.  :-)   I love it when you are panning and zooming tho !  Maybe next time I will catch it   :-)     Thanks


edit ..the cam is back with lots of babies  Smiling

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