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Flamingo Breeding Island Under Severe Threat

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Flamingo Breeding Island Under Severe Threat

Kimberley is about to lose its world-famous Lesser Flamingo breeding island. “With increased inflow of poorly-treated water from the Homevale Waste Water Treatment Works, recent rains and limited evaporation, the island is under threat from flooding”, says Jahn Hohne, Chairman of the Save the Flamingo Association.

The Lesser Flamingos are currently breeding, but in fewer numbers than the previous two years. In 2007/8 they produced 9000 chicks, and during the summer of 2008/9 they produced 13,000 chicks. “Parts of the island are now under water and the effective area that is available to the breeding flamingos has been reduced” added Hohne.

Hohne’s company, Ekapa Mining, which built the island at a cost of half a million rand during 2006, has packed 5000 sandbags around the island during 2008 and 2009 to stem the erosion and limit flooding. “The battle now appears to have been lost”.

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