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Fly and drive travel in Botswana

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Fly and drive travel in Botswana

Hi all,

with my houseband and 2 friends are planning a holiday in Africa for the next summer (10 or 12 days in August). We think to make a fly and drive travel in Botswana. There are a lot of itinerary in the guidebooks, but we would like to know from you if this is an easy or difficult thing. Last year we stayed in Namibia with a full organized tour, but if the 2 countries are similar, we think it will be possible for us do the same by ourself in Botswana.


So, we need some suggestions from you! Thanx in advance.

Giorgia (Italy)

Novelladwightman (not verified)
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Hi, Botswana is a also a good country . You can make a plan to travel there. It will prove a great tour for you. Goodluck...

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What's your planned route? A typical tour for 10 to 12 days would be Maun to Kasane via Moremi, Savuti and Chobe Riverfront or vice versa.

The sand is quite deep between Moremi and Savuti. I personally wouldn't drive there because I don't have any 4WD driving experience in deep sand, but with experience and/or more courage it should be possible...

If you want to avoid that road, you could go to Moremi, then back to Maun, to the direction of Nata on the tar road, pop into Makgadikgadi Pan (very different from the above mentioned parks) and then continue on the tar road to Kasane. From there it isn't far to Chobe Riverfront. But you would have to skip Savuti, and the tar road is very straight and boring, although you might see the odd elephant.

If you want to go deep into the Okavango Delta, you'll have to fly in or take a boat.

I would also advice you not to go without GPS. There are not many direction signs in Moremi and the Savuti area (except if it has changed in the last 5-6 years). The Chobe Riverfront area does have signs (see also here: http://www.wildlifephotos.dk/botswana_1994/lion2.html Wink )

I don't know if you want to camp or stay at lodges. In Namibia the only park I visited was Etosha, and the rest camps were fenced. If you camp in a National Park in Botswana, you should be aware that many camp sites are not fenced, so anything can walk into your camp...

Iceage (not verified)
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Botswana does have the Savute/Savuti  Lions .






Tabs (not verified)
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It really depends upon where in Botswana you are planning to go - there are camps where you can self-drive to but there are some where you can only fly into. If you search on the internet for the parks that you want to visit you will find sites, message boards and blogs, where you can get good advice about the best places to self-drive to.

Namibia is a wonderful country (I have been there many times) but it is actually very different from Botswana as it is mostly bush and desert whereas Bots has bush, desert and lots of water and, as such, the experiences and the animals to be seen can be very different.

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