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For those friends who know Jane and Kenn

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For those friends who know Jane and Kenn

Jane and Kenn's 7 month old daughter Freja has, today, been diagnosed with Childhood Leukaemia.

We do not know yet which form of Childhood Leukaemia Freja has but the doctors are, at the moment, of the opinion that she has a 60/40 chance of beating this horrible disease, and that it will be at least 2 years before they will be know whether or not she has overcome it.

Jane & Kenn are (obviously) devastated by this news, as are all of their family and friends, and Jane and/or Kenn will have to spend the next 14 days, at the least, by Freja's bedside in the hospital whilst she underdoes further tests, medication and the early stages of chemotherapy.

I spoke to Kenn earlier tonight and he told me how much the various messages from their family and their friends around the world has helped them - so I am asking those who know Jane & Kenn - personally or via Africam or Wildlifecampus - to please send a message of support either directly to them or via my email addy (If you know them you will also have the email addies) and I will fwd any messages if needed.



Kudu (not verified)
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Tabs it goes without saying that I send them my love.

lizzie xx

Lady's Mom (not verified)
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Tabs - I never had the opportunity to meet them but that matters not.  All kinds of prayers for little Freja.  One can never have too many prayers.....They are all in mine.



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I don't know them, either, but as someone else said, that matters not.  Our prayers are with them.

Roger, Jen and Christopher


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My thoughts and prayers are with the family, also, go with God, all!

Lady in Michigan (not verified)
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I do not know Kenn and Jane but, my prayers are with them and Little Freja.

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Joined: Oct 21 2006

Sweet Little Freja

Tabs Please give Kenn and Jane my Best. I will be Praying for them,


blueeyedlibra (not verified)
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I dont know Jane, Kenn and Freja but will defently keep them in my thoughts and prayers. Sounds as if they will have a unpleasant time ahead but with GOD all things are possable....keep us updated and so sry to hear this bad news.

jumbored (not verified)
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I will be standing in prayer over them.. I do not know them but that matters not to God for we are all His children..  I lost my brother Tim and my love to this horrible illness when I was young..  Prayers and love of family and friends, even strangers helped my family and myself.  Today there are many new medicines and I believe in miracles.. Please let them know I will be lifting them all, the Doctors, nurses and all who are in involved in healing up up up..Today - start to live, tomorrow is not promised to anyone.

Our time with Tim and Scott was the best time of my life..We will meet again on His throne.

Blessings to Jane, Kenn and precious little Freya..


Alissa AKA Jumbored

Chuck C (not verified)
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For what it's worth Tabs.


Angie was diagnosed with CLL (Chronic Lymphositic Leukema) going on 15 years ago now.  Her white count was through the roof and platelet count was through the floor and she was anemic.  They wanted her to go into chemo but she refused.  Through diet and supplements she has beaten the odds and supprised more than a few doctors.


I'm not making a suggestion or giving direction, but chemo is some nasty stuff.


Best wishes to the little one.  Prayers for a swift recovery and a long life. 

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What terrible, terrible news.

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