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For those who knew Kaz / Kazbee / Karen Bentley

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For those who knew Kaz / Kazbee / Karen Bentley

My dear friend Kaz (Kazbee on WildlifeCampus) Karen Bentley passed away yesterday.

I met Kaz (and her husband Rik) through WLC and Africam several years ago and we had many great times together, along with Rick, and I am totally shocked and completely devastated at her unexpected death.

I know that there are others here who had the pleasure of meeting Kaz and Rick at Africam and WLC meets in the UK and in Europe over the years - if you would like contact details for Rick, in order to express your condolences, please let me know via email

If you do not know Kaz and Rik please do not respond here because, whilst I appreciate your sentiments, I will not be revisiting this message as it is for informing her other, known, 'Africam friends' only


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Kaz's funeral will take place on 6th May - if any of her friends from Africam or WLC would like me to take a single red rose on their behalf, please email me with any message that you would like attached.

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