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Forum headings are missing from the pages

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Forum headings are missing from the pages

I might not be calling it by the correct name, but normally at the top of the page you see something like Africam Streaming Forum - > The watering hole. I'm not seeing this today, and it's making forum navigation a little cumbersome. Also, before the forum was changed to Drupal, this would appear at the bottom of the page as well as the top. I always used the bottom links after reading to the end of the page so as not to have to scroll back to the top. Can this be put back the way it was? Thanks!

Ann (not verified)
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I also miss the forums choice at the bottom of a page.  I get behind in reading forums at times and have several pages to read in order to catch up.  It was very helpful to be able to just go to forums without having to scroll up.  I also have difficulty reading the forum headers now.  The green bar with the topic looks the same on every first page and I have to really look closely to see if I am in the one I wanted.  Also beneath that other information is often written in colors that are hard for me to read.  I also miss the New Day pictures that many posted when they started the day.

Lady in Michigan (not verified)
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Something happened today. Usually, at the bottem of a thread, there is a "forums" where you can click and get back to the "active discussions" or the forum menu. It is now gone and I have to scroll to the top to click on forums.

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Joined: Feb 17 2006

Thanks for pointing this out, hunjoro!

admin fixed it.

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Joined: Jan 15 2008

I noticed the change to the look of the thread also in that the starting post of the thread has a new look that includes what the title of the thread is with green background which I do like that being added now but can see for navigation purposes how the navigation links for the thread tree missing could cause some problems. I generally use the back space history button to get back to the recent discussions list to then see which threads have new posts to them since I last looked.


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