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From Cheetahs To Lions

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From Cheetahs To Lions

The past couple of weeks have been full of cheetahs at Nkorho Pan, so we weren’t counting on another cat sighting so soon. Well we were wrong...and we’re glad! The Styx Pride of Lions took down a wildebeest close to the waterhole, and while the kill itself was not in our view, NK was the closest water so the pride stayed close. They came into view and stayed for a long time as they drank and lounged. We watched as they wandered back and forth during the night, allowing us little glimpses of their muzzles as they drank from the small end of the waterhole.  Their fat stomachs drug the ground as they crouched down for a drink...some just flopped down on their bellies and hung their heads over the edge, lapping slow and steady. Take a look at the Styx Pride, along with several others that call the Sabi Sands area their home. And don’t forget to check the video of their recent visit. Along with lions, the hyenas and jackals should be around to finish off the remains of the kill.  We’ll watch and see what pops up next at the waterhole.