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General Comments on all cameras etc

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General Comments on all cameras etc

It's ages since I've been able to get back to Africam, and such changes in almost two years.  I suppose it's less work, but I did enjoy the camera that panned and caught peripheral things even though it wasn't manned all the time.

This morning I looked at the Elephant Plains (not the Beta) and all I could see was a heap of something that looked rather unpleasant in a hole, and heard the sounds of machinery "off stage" so to speak.  And I can't get any picture on the Flamingo camera.  The pictures are smaller than they used to be, too.

Also I find the forum set-up less than user friendly - maybe that's why there are so few posts...though it's fine once one is eventually into a forum.

Maybe one of these days I'll see something wander into the limited visible area if I hit the right time.

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Hi Annie, glad to see you are back Smiling

EP waterhole is being dredged at the moment, once finished it will be filled up with water once again.

The cams do still pan when there is a zoomie availabe (very often), so keep peeking in..

A good way to keep track of things happening on the Boma is to check out the "recent posts" - look here

I wish you many great sightings on the cams! Smiling


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