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Getting Banned

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Getting Banned

Why do I get banned for changing my nick? I think I was banned by camfan1. I'm banned from the Nkoro Pan Chat.


Please help!

camfan1 (not verified)
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If you recall further back in the conversation you had changed your nickname twice. At that time you were asked to pick one and keep it, as it confuses everyone in the room.  You proceeded to leave the room and come back in as two more different nicknames, at which time you were kicked out of the room. This was done as a temporary consequence in hopes that you would get the hint and calm down. Instead you came back and not only took on another nickname but took the nickname of someone else in the room, causing complete confusion among the chatters. After being warned, kicked, and still not cooperating there was no other choice than to ensure the quality of the chatroom by eliminating the current  Please enjoy watching the cams but you will not be welcomed in the chatroom at this time.  Any further questions please private message me.  Thank you

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Joined: Apr 14 2009

I know one of the reasons why, you can not use somebody elses nick, like you tried to use mine.



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