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Giraffes "necking"

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Giraffes "necking"

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Thanks NK Zoomie and Kru Kab Bowser

Barry posted this in Book 3.

They normally fight using their necks and stand facing in the same direction. Once in this position they “neck” each other and try to force each other off balance.

Unknown nomadic males may stimulate serious fighting by exchanging sledgehammer blows using the side of the head.
Rank order fights between two individuals may last for a quarter of an hour or even longer (15 minutes).

One of the most fascinating elements of giraffe behaviour is the duel between males fighting for mating partners. Giraffe duels are among the most extraordinary in the animal kingdom. Duels begin when two males approach each other and engage in rubbing and intertwining their necks. This behaviour is known as 'necking'. It allows the opponents to assess each others size and strength.


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