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Global Warming, What Are Your Thoughts?

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Global Warming, What Are Your Thoughts?

Come and tell what you feel or think about global warming.

  Please No fighting or arguing with other people. Thank You!

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That's what I believe too.  If we just take time and plant trees and recycle it would really help.

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I think that we should all take global warming seriously. Over the years since a child I have noticed huge climatic changes, here in South Africa, and more and more areas are becoming arid.
I also think that re cycling is extremely important, and planting trees, if we want to survive we need to plant more indigenous trees in our cities, suburbs and farms. 
We need to learn to not be such a paper mad society and especially governments need to learn how to reduce the paperwork.  A lot of forms are unnecessary or where you get two or three where you are repeating information those could be condensed into one form to help reduce the need for paper and trees being cut down.  We also need to find a more effective way of reducing our waste as buning is so bad for our environment. 

So you say how can I make a difference, try to grow organic food, do not use pesticides, make compost for your veg with your wet waste.  Save your papers send them for recycling, your cans, plastics and have environmentally friendly shopping bags that you can take to the store.  Take your glass to recycle places.  Try to only buy pump spray items.  The less chemicals we send into the atmosphere the more chance we have of our future generations being able to enjoy this planet.


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