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Golden Eagle fighting with Fox

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Golden Eagle fighting with Fox

Hi There,

I recently recieved picture nr 4 on email from Emjay. I was pretty sure the picture was a photoshop... But then i started a search on the internet on Golden  Eagle and Fox.

I found out that it is NOT a photoshop but its a serie of 5 picture's taken in Finland in 2006

Here are the picture's (  in my opinion pretty amazing!)!-->

Source -->


Take care you all. 



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I just got a forwarded email from my sister with the pictures saying they were taken in Montana by a hunter with a little cell phone camera.  So I guess it has gone viral and the story will change as it travels the world lol.  When I got the email I knew I had seen those pics before.. it was here Smiling


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Iceage (not verified)
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Gerda wrote:

thanks for posting the pics Iceage !

they are great. Shows how much power those eagle have Shocked

Looks like the fox got out OK ?

Gerda i have emailed the photo taker! and i got an answer back 3 days ago. 

Yes the fox finally had to run and was ok.

The photo's he took had several awards! and they are taken in free wildlife without any human interferance? .

There are some stories that it was a setup to create thoose picture's 





Iceage (not verified)
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Hi Barry

I did a search on google on Golden Eagle and Fox. 

i found some really amazing films on Youtube on Golden eagle's 

* Warning * I also found pretty bad films were the Golden eagle is used to hunt Foxes, cats, and even wolve's.YellCry

I did hear the fairytails about eagle's that taken human children and baby's .. never believed it... But now i am doubting that.

The most powerfull eagle's i have ever seen are in the Lord of The Rings movies (Peter Jackson ) filmed the J.R.R Tolkien Books.

 But the Golden Eagle sure is an impressive bird!

Take Care.




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those are great  photos  i saw them over a year ago

they were taken in finland

when i first saw the photos  - whom ever sumbited them

said they were   at   montana u.s.a.\and other site said  canada

but after searching i found the photographer and the site

and it was finland  i did a search as i  did not hear of anything like

that  happening with an eagle and fox in north america 

i have heard of a golden eagle attacking and killing a

 mountain goat ( because i saw it and have it documented )

Gerda (not verified)
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thanks for posting the pics Iceage !

they are great. Shows how much power those eagle have Shocked

Looks like the fox got out OK ?



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