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Joined: Oct 2 2006

As much as it pains me to  do this i am off i may return you never know if everything calms down but i cannot stay as i am apprently too imajure and have ' Changed' so i am off now i will miss the friends i had but i have to leave this forum is making me stressed and causing me to be ill so soo long wish the majority of you good luck and hope you all lead happy lives! good bye

Dan loves zebras!



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Joined: Feb 18 2006

Dan ...in such cases ...everyone needs some time to calm down and think ...Take it easy ...I'm sure you will be back ...There are a lot of things and persons left behind ..you would like to come and visit again from time to time ...Let things to be cool ...and when you want to meet some of us ...you will be again welcome Smiling Good luck ..with your school ..it's more important

azlady13 (not verified)
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Dan, I hope you come back.  I really love the topics that you do.  So does MJ!  We'll miss you!

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Joined: Mar 14 2006

Dan, you have a pm.



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