Goodbye to BIGFRANK

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Goodbye to BIGFRANK

Longtime Africam member, BIGFRANK, passed away Wednesday, 22 May 2013.

Our thoughts are with his family and many friends.

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You will be greatly missed Frank. RIP

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RIP BigFrank, may you soar with the raptors that you so enjoyed along with too many other Africam friends who have left us way too soon.

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Very sad to learn of Frank's passing.  He was always a pleasant chatter and a comical one at that.  I always enjoyed his presence in the chat room.  Frank will be greatly missed.  I share the same feelings with many of the Africam chatters here, in that I know he is soaring with his greatest love of the peregrine falcon.  Rest Easy BigFrank.  I send most sincere condolences to all of Frank's family and friends. 

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Hey Frank, heard the news this morning. Hope ur now flying high with ur Raptors - you will be missed. Wishing you a great journey


RIP Buddy


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Im so sorry ....I can't deal well with the deaths of people I had known once ...although only by messages and emails ...special those who knew through Africam ...Maybe becouse Africam was a special part of my life for so many years ...i'm really so sad ...

Rest in Peace Frank ....Fly free  with birds in the sky ....


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I was so sad to hear of your passing will miss you and the pm's on chat with the latest raptor sighting pics 
Bye Frank so sorry you wont physically be in Africa again but I am sure your spirit will visit this land you loved and enjoyed so much  RIP


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Tho I didnt know Big Frank, he sounds like he was a special part

of the Africam family,

I offer my most sincere condolences to you all.   SeaGal~


Rest In Peace Frank

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May you Rest in Peace dear friend.  You gave so many so much with a heart full of love in helping.  Now you will help in Heaven and soar with the birds you loved.  I pray for you and your family.  Yesterday I seen a hawk in my yard and thought of you Frank.  Now when I see them I will see you flying free with no pain <3   I will always remember our talks and hold them dear.  Frank, fly free of pain and tears.  Fly high and loud over the clouds and enjoy forever the peace of Heaven.  Someday we will meet again.  Love Karen


Karen White

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RIP Big Frank

I wish I had known you.  Many of my Africamer friends who did, have known you for many years and have told me how great you were to all of them.  

My thoughts and condolences to his family and all  who knew him.



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Rest in Peace Frank, you will be missed.

Here are a few pictures that Frank took in the old days.

First Africam cam was put out in a wheelbarrow



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