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Goodbye Marc and Thanks

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Goodbye Marc and Thanks

Gday everyone i hope i find you all well..

   I was posting to thank marc for his hard work and help on africam as its his last day at Nkorho as he heads home to enjoy the first steps in the life of his new born son..

I wish both Marc and Valdi success in all there future endeavours and hope we see them pop in and watch cams with us often..

be safe guys been a pleasure meeting you both and sharing your experiences of nkorho and the bush..


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Joined: Feb 4 2008

Marc, God bless you and good luck! Enjoy these early years with your new family - they go by so quickly!

Karen A (not verified)
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Thanks for everything you have done Marc.  You and Valdi enjoy that little son of yours, they grow up so quickly : )  Best of luck to youn and your family.

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Joined: Jun 30 2009

Thank you mark for all your wonderful work.  It is the zoomies like you that make NK so interesting.  Best of luck to you and Valdi and to your new little boy.  Hope to see you sometime in chat.

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Joined: May 1 2007

Hi Marc

Sorry to see you leaving us, but thanks for the great cam work and chat.

All the best to you  valdi, and your baby son



Saw it live- Big 5!!! my youtubes http://uk.youtube.com/user/uniicornspirit

veronica51 (not verified)
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thank you marc may the little newborn son be the sunshine in your live.

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Joined: Apr 14 2009

Hi Marc, I have enjoyed the chats with you and Valdi, and the zooms. You guys were great. We will miss you dearly. Enjoy yourselves and the new life you brought into this world. Hope to see you in chat again.




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Joined: Dec 24 2007

Best of Luck to you, and Valdi, and baby makes three. Don't be a stranger.

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Joined: Apr 1 2007

Thank you Marc for all the chats and updates on NK.

Stay in touch with us and best wishes for you and Valdi and the new baby.


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Joined: Jan 23 2007

Marc and Valdi good luck for what life has instore for you in the future. Hope we will still see you stopping by for visits with us and keep us updated in how you and the little one are doing....

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Joined: Dec 2 2008

Thank you Marc for everything under this year I have been on africam. All the good for you in the future!

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