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Greetings to All of Africam by Amy

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Greetings to All of Africam by Amy

My name in the land of cam watching is Camfan1, and although I am fairly new to this site, just six months now, I feel like I have found a new home.

I live in the bright sunny state of Florida, in the USA, which puts me about 7 hours behind South Africa’s time. I do get to see the afternoon in Africa, but most of my cam watching is spent viewing at night, when a wonderful and mysterious atmosphere takes over the waterholes. It has fast become my favorite time to watch, wait and listen for the sounds and occasional sights of that remarkable land.

While prowling around in the Africam site, reading and learning, and reading some more, I found a little section for blogging…one of my very favorite things to do.  While I am currently employed in a public school system, I have always been a writer in disguise, so the chance to write immediately drew my attention. 

Something has to grab my heart before I can write about it, and it didn’t take very long for that to happen while watching the cams.  I experienced awe and a breathtaking feeling of respect when I got my first view of lions as they emerged from the bush into the night time quietness.  I listened as baboons became so angry and afraid that my heart felt like it was going to beat out of my chest.  So I wrote…trying to get all those feelings down on paper so I would never forget them.

Sharing what we see in words is not what everyone enjoys doing, but for some of us it helps the memories become lasting and more meaningful. We hope you’ll take a moment to check out the blogs that some of our favorite folks in Africam have already documented, and perhaps add an entry of your own.

As for me, I am going to pop over there and see what new words are floating around, and maybe add a few more of my own.



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Dear Camfan 1Watching at

Dear Camfan 1

Watching at night is great fun also, because of the fascinating sounds of...

who knows?  We go right to the Waterhole Cam as soon as we turn on the computer

and we are in Southern California so we can see the sunsets or the dawns...absolutely fascinating to us.

You are so right when you say mysterious, breathtaking, and exciting, like when a Lion just happens to walk by.

We've found a new home too. Hope to see you, and everyone there.



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Hi Amy. I am Mirek. I joined

Hi Amy. I am Mirek. I joined Africam only recently. I decided to write to you because ... I want to start contacting other Camfans. You're the first one Smile. I liked your comments. Pretty much the same to what I feel about it. During the weekends I start my laptop early in the morning and African sounds are with me what ever I do (also with neigbours). I like watching action around "our" waterholes or no action. In fact action is always there. Have you checked SANPARKS webcams? If not, that is the link:     http://www.sanparks.org/webcams/ It is different experience but also very nice. Specialy Nossob watehole on Kalahari! I travel to Southern Africa two, three times a year since 2005. Main aim is bush experinece. I have been very lucky so far with excellent game viewing. If you want you could check Travel Africa magazine, spring adition (I am sure you can get it in the States). On page 14 there is my story/letter and pictures published. It is a story when I experience birth of a giraffe in Zamia's South Luangwa Valley. In December will spend 14 days in Sabi Sands (most of the time in Elephant Plains). Can't wait. Meanwhile I have Africam to survive. Will appreciate if we stay in touch from time to time sharing what we see and perhaps other African subjects.

Warm regards from rather cold Europe (summer this year ...!). Mirek 

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Here are the links that

Here are the links that should have been included with this piece. My apologies for not getting them in there.

Baboon screams and horrible sounds:

And my blog that was written about it:


Thanks for reading!


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