Happy birthday Karin

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Happy birthday Karin

Happy birthday Karin!!!

It doesn't matter how many candles you have to blow out, we'll always love you and thanks so much for all you do for us.

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Karin, thank you so much for your support of and interaction with the African community (us guys)! We love you and wish you the best year ever! Happy Birthday!

jamiet339 (not verified)
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Happy birthday

Hope u had a good one darling...

Happy new year Too...

xxxx Cool thanks for everyhting

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Happy Birthday Karin!

May all your wishes come true!


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Have a HAPPY BIRTHDAY Karin !!   Laughing

Thank you so much for your great work !

Took / Florian


" Fool of a Took ! "  Gandalf

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Happy Birthday Karin! May you have a wonderful day and a beautiful year


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Happy Birthday Karin !!!

Hope you have  a  wonderfull  day

and  manny  manny more  nice  days

and  years to come in good  health

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Happy Birthday Karin !!!

Hope you have a wonderful day and wishing you everything the best for the year ahead !!!


Das Glueck kommt zu denen, die lachen (japanese wisdom)

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Happy Birthday Karin

I truly hope you have a fantastic day and recieve all you wished for.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking the time to keep us informed on the critters and all you do for us.

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Happy Birthday Karin - Hope you have a wonderful day!

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Happy Birthday Karin. May God Bless you and bring you many more to come. Thank you for all the hard work you do for us, and those around you. your work is so much appreciated and never taken for granted. May the blessings of this year bring you dreams of joy and happiness, and dreams within your heart come true for you.

Again, thank you Karin and a very



Karen White

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