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Happy Birthday shushin!

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Joined: Mar 14 2006
Happy Birthday shushin!

Happy Birthday Sharon!

Wishing you the very best day, may all your wishes come true!


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Joined: Jul 27 2010

I would just like to say a big thank you for all the lovely birthday wishes. I feel very overwelmed by them all.

So thank you all so much


Moffer (not verified)
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Happy Birthday Shushin Smiling

Hope that your having a great day

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Joined: Oct 16 2005

Happy birthday Shushin!!!

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Joined: Jun 30 2008

Happy  Birthday  Sharon.

Hope  you have   a  good  day

with  your  family  and  friends,

and  many  of  them  to  come

in  happyness and  good  health !!!!!!!!

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Joined: Dec 27 2008

Happy Birthday sushin Smiling Have a Great birthday!

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Joined: Feb 19 2006

HAPPY BIRTHDAY dear Sharon !!

All the best coming your way !


Took Laughing


" Fool of a Took ! "  Gandalf

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Joined: Feb 19 2006

Happy Birthday Sharon !!!

Hope you have a wonderful day and wishing you everything the best for the year ahead !


Das Glueck kommt zu denen, die lachen (japanese wisdom)

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Joined: Nov 21 2006

Happy BD Lion

Hope you have a great day Sharon!


Mavis   My Blog     I always start my Africam day at the Recent Posts Page to see what has happened since I left.    Finally - Africam Gear from the Africam Store - find it here

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Joined: Sep 22 2010

HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Sure hope you are having a really great Birthday

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Joined: Aug 29 2010


May your day be filled with love, joy and happiness. May you have a wonderful day and many more birthdays coming your way.
May God shine HIS light upon you and yours. It's an honor to have you here as a friend and appreciate all the hard work you and others do for us. Hope your day is as wonderful as you make ours here on Africam<3

God Bless,
Your Friend, Bella_1


Karen White

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